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Paula Carns, M.S., Ph.D researched and wrote descriptions for each of these windows. She explains the symbolism and the Biblical significance of each window. Her efforts began when a committee at St. John's decided to fix up the chapel in 2004. Carns lobbied to have the windows done because they are such a central part to the decor of the chapel. She said that at the time the windows were leaking, the walls around them were breaking apart and some of the glass pieces were damaged. The Frei's were not contacted to fix the windows and to apply a protective glass, because the committee did not know that they were still in business. Also, three of the windows are not visible from the inside of the chapel because they are covered by a culmination of three organs in the choir loft. This was not a part of the original design and now the windows are only visible from the outside entrance of the church. The other 20 windows are visible from both the inside and the outside of the chapel, but the St. Cecilia and King David windows are located in the stairwell leading to the choir loft and so are not visible from the nave of the chapel. The magnificent art portrayed in these windows will continue to shine their prism of colors on many future generations of St. John's parishioners.

"Images can mean many things to people," Carns said. "They evoke from the viewer their own response."

The windows on this page are arranged as they are around the chapel when you enter from the main entrance and stand facing the Altar.